The market of the best binding machine is full of diverse proposals. Coincidently, we have realized that you don’t have plenty of time to do in-depth research. That is why I am excited to present you a review in details of the most respectful brands at the moment. Please do not hesitate following it further to be informed utterly and completely.

My list of The Best Binding Machine 2019


Key Feature

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Fellowes Binding Machine StarPunches up to 15 sheets of paper at a time / Binds up to 150 sheets with a 3/4" comb /Vertical loads for proper alignment
✅ Editor's choice

TruBind Coil-Binding MachineCoil Crimping Tool is included / Punch holes in up to 20 sheets of paper at a time / sturdy-grip handlebar / Full set of disengaging pins / 4:1 pitch plastic binding coils
✅ Editor's choice

The Cinch Book Binding MachineHole pitch: 2:1 / Punch a single sheet or up to 20 sheets of lightweight paper at one time / Binding wire .325-1.25 inchCHECK RPICE
Kenley Binding MachineBinds up to 450 sheets of paper in a single book / Includes 10 binding combs / Non-slip feet, high-leverage arm for punching / Comes with oiled cutting blade for high-quality paper cuttingCHECK RPICE
Tianse binding machineBind up to 450 sheets (2''comb spines) / Punch up to 12 sheets(20lb paper)at one time / Starter kit 100pcs of 3/8'' 21-ring black plastic comb spines / Hole Size: 3*8mm Rectangle., Totally 21 / Removable handleCHECK RPICE
YoWin Binding MachineStarter kit 100pcs of 3/8" 21-ring black plastic comb spines / Bind up to 450 sheets (2''comb spines) / Punch up to 12 sheets(20lb paper)at one time / 8lb weightCHECK RPICE
Rayson TD-132 Binding MachinePunching holes quantity:32 holes / Punching capacity: 12 sheets / Binding capacity (Max.): 120 sheets / Max. Sheet Size: letter size / 3:1 coil binding spiral CHECK RPICE

1. Star + binding machine is considered as an ideal solution for small-scale classes or office rooms

Fellowes-Binding-Machine-Star review

  • Storage tray has a built-in comb size
  • The right side of the binder is convenient\
  • A small window on the top side of the binder lets you see how many punches are in the dump bin
  • An adjustment of the edge marker  is quite easily
  • The portability of this binder and its compact size
  • Affordable price
  • A paper might be jammed

It adds a stylish and professional look to diverse office presentations or class documents.

You will be dazed how simple and light this binding machine in use. Your cozy office might appreciate such decoration. Please note that well-ordered and centered punch alignment is possible thanks to the implemented vertical loader and edge guide with adjustable mode. You are able to punch first then bind in continuously due to quite sufficient design.

You have to know that the maximum possible volume is up to twelve pages manually and simultaneously. ¾ inch comb lets you bind up till 150 sheets.

The variety of usage of Star + binding machine should impress you. You are free to exploit the binding machine in the following cases: textbooks, worksheets, final exams (for school needs) and presentations, training tools, annual reports and different brochures (for business purposes).

The reliable measuring instrument gives your opportunity to select proper comb size for the required sheet. The inbuilt tray can be an excellent assistant for keeping your documents in the storage precisely. All above-mentioned characteristics bring an accurate and efficient binding result. You don’t have to worry about misaligned holes and spoiled sheets anymore.


2. TruBind machine permits you to generate personalized bound books thanks to electric spiral


  • The spiral binding makes it a lot easier to read the book
  • The special pliers for crimping the ends of the spirals are included to the set
  • The machine itself was very securely packed with foam inserts
  • The working parts of the machine are quite heavy and appear to be quite sturdy in construction
  • You can adjust how far away the holes are from the edge of the paper
  • The tabs which are used to disengage the punches are not straight across, they arch upward
  • Plastic coil binding is a very cost-effective
  • The holes always deeper at one end and almost to the edge at the other
  • The auto coiler makes noise with no movement

The process of punching and further binding can be so fast. The machine lets you managing with twenty sheets simultaneously. Please be confident in the standard size of the paper (20).

Finally, you might forget about half-punched holes and messy edges as you are free to control the whole process. Moreover, if you download not a standard size (for example, larger than it is expected), Trubind machine will handle with this issue because of open-throat design. Your adjustments regarding side and depth margin allow you being perfect while you are punching the holes

Good news is that no matter left-handed or right-handed you are, you possess full handlebar as a wonderful and comfy assistant. Steady pressure should be enough to produce holes along the border. Portable construction is considered as an ideal option for school classes or cozy office rooms.

You are able to twist into the coils manually. Anyhow, 4:1 pitch plastic will assist you in a simple process. Despite small measures, you might design professional appearance with finished edges thanks to heavy-duty normal coil crimping pliers. The producer gives you two years warranty to be confident in the quality of their machine. Full refund is guaranteed if you decide to give it back.


3. We R Memory Keepers binding machine is wonderful value for money comparing to other options on the market

  • Easy to use
  • It cuts right through the chipboard
  • The hole punching bar is so wide and easy
  • It easily to move it with one hand
  • The instructions are simple and very easy to follow
  • There is a slide on the side for the size of the paper
  • There is a clip that holds the handle down for storage
  • None

Limitless imagination and opportunity which can be proposed by Cinch book designed by We R Memory Keepers

This binding machine will not disappoint you with a quality as it is used to operate with only high-rated products. You can count on it with both options – small and hard-working projects. We R Memory Keepers can propose you fascinating range of diverse cardstocks, chipboards, wire coils along with standard binding materials. All of them permit you to construct uniquely amazing projects right away. Journals, calendars, mini books, gifts or work projects are ideal objects for the performance of your creative skills.

Thanks to smooth and fitting handle you will punch up to twenty pages so easily. Wire coils are able to bend without any efforts from your side. Simplicity is the motto of the manufacturer

Cinch technology gives you the opportunity to feel like a professional who prefers adding an attractive touch to all his performances. The binding machine produced by We R Memory Keepers makes the binding process simple, affordable and as fast as it is possible. Crafters, artists, and scrapbookers are ready to change their crocks on modern and creative Cinch bookbinding machine. The answer is that punches ideal holes with customizable holes spaces on the project of any measure.


4. Kenley paper binder has one incontestable asset – possibility to bind up 450 pages

  • There is a guide on the left side base that lets you know what size comb to use for the number of sheets you have
  • 15 sheets at one time
  • It is able to put 3 books together in less than an hour
  • This machine to bind close to 100 books
  • It works well for home and school
  • After only 400 sheets the cutter became dull and would leave chads on the paper
  • The holes are not correct when you cut standard size paper

Ten combs are reliable assistants in the binding process.

The first noticeable thing in this binding machine produced by Kenley is its sturdy steel casing, feet with non-slip effect and high punching arm. All of them let you not to accomplish any efforts for punching. Everything you require is to take care of sheet aligning. It is so simple to push the punch lever and slip it in the comb accordingly.

Oiled blade intended for high-quality cutting of the paper is included to the set. It is a desirable option to exploit any paper tissue to avoid staining

It doesn’t matter what exactly you are working on – collection of own memoirs or wishes book for your child’s birthday or even business presentation for your precise customers – you are free to be an imaginative generator in all these cases. The binding machine created by Kenley permits you to put your fascinating ideas into practice. Any paper constructed by you will have a binding with a professional appearance.


5. Tianse binding machine is able to propose a pleasant bonus for you – kit for newbie including one hundred pieces of 3/8 inches 21-ring plastic comb spines in black color


  • The unit is easy to operate
  • The connector is metal-to-metal
  • The handle is on the side and doesn’t get in the way of the paper when you are making the holes
  • The first few cuts may have some blade grease on it from the factory
  • The machine isn’t punching evenly
  • The hole punching is not a standard configuration (21 or 15 holes instead of 19)

This gift makes the binding machine created by Tianse an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

Sturdy in construction, but light in usability design gives you the opportunity to relocate the binding machine only with one hand. Everything you call for is to grasp the handle in the center of the baseboard. Сonsequently, you release another hand for other actions.

The manufacturer assures you that you can bind up till 450 pages with 2-inch comb spines. Twelve pages simultaneously is an easy target for the binding machine designed by Tianse

You are free of worries about the high quality of the construction as it has been tested with due diligence. Please count on 12 thousand punching times for every binding machine. Anyhow, you possess two years of warranty to be proved in the respective quality. Tianse as a professional player on the market is able to suggest you broad variety of 3D printing filaments and label tapes along with diverse office stationery.


6. YoWin Binding Machine

YoWin-Binding-Machine review

  • The actual punch lever is metal
  • There is a red knob on the side to adjust for LTR paper size
  • The lever is removable and there is a carry handle built-in
  • Included 3/8″ combs included with the machine are A4 size but can be trimmed down to LTR size
  • Easy to use and fast to master
  • The machine helps with office efficiency when putting together study reports for customers
  • It seems sturdy on a flat surface
  • There is a bit of lubrication on the punch mechanisms right out of the box

Each binding machine constructed by YoWin has been tested rigorously 13 thousand times to exploit as many times as you wish. It is so simple to relocate it to the schoolroom or workplace thanks to portable handle weighing only eight pounds. Binding machine’s measures such as 14,5 “х 10,2″ х 9,2 ” are considered an ideal option for your home office.

Producer admonishes you that this binding machine is used to bind papers with standard size only. Otherwise, it will cut back the service life period of the binding machine

Please do not hesitate to punch twelve sheets simultaneously and bind then till 450 pages with 2-inch comb spines. You can count on sufficient work with a paperweight up to 20 lbs, not more. There are not so many efforts are required to reach the presentable result. Wonderful news for a newbie – they can exploit kit included one hundred pieces of 3/8 inches 21-ring plastic comb spines in black color.

Moreover, the producer gives you an opportunity to check the binding machine’s proficiency within one year. You possess two months to give back the machine and get a refund without any explanation from your side.


7. Rayson TD-132 Binding Machine is able to propose you an ideal after-sale service and technical support from the genuine producer


  • The machine although fairly simple to punch the holes needed
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • The manual option of punching is available
  • Not all of the holes punch cleanly through

Range of respective accessories is sufficient enough, you will not be disappointed. Please look closer at this binding machine designed by Rayson if you desire to polish up your presentation and other documents.

Rayson’s binding machine hands over the oiled cutting blade which should guard the punch from further corrosion. Everything you are required is to exploit attached oiled removing paper to tidy up the blade

Please note that you can bind the file with 3 holes per 1 inch (3:1 scale) after punching. Twelve pages simultaneously are the maximum punching level for this binding machine. You may reckon upon 250 sheets at the time of binding up process. The size of the binding ring is 9/16 inches as a maximum.

It is crucial for evenly holes punching to turn the ring selector to punching position. You are free to adjust depth and side margin with Rayson’s machine. The distance of the holes from the bound edge of the page is supervised easily thanks to the lever on the back of the machine.