Smart board interactive whiteboard gives teachers incredible opportunity to create fascinating presentations, versatile quizzes, or interactive projects with lots of activities for students. You are able to deal with extensive databases of lessons, including animated images or graphics. Extra free assets are ready to be added to your plans for the lessons.

I have collected a detailed overview of the best interactive whiteboards on the market including such well-known companies as Promethean and Smart Tech. Please follow the guide step by step in order to turn out pitfalls and selling points.

Best Interactive Whiteboards 2019


Key Feature

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Smart Tech interactive smart board77 inches / 35 pounds
✅ Editor's choice

Astar electronic writing board65 inches / 115 poundsCHECK RPICE
TPromethean computer whiteboard78 inches / 1 poundsCHECK RPICE
Westinghouse portable interactive whiteboard51,9 inches / 124 poundsCHECK RPICE
Global Dream infrared interactive whiteboards54.9 inches / 53.4 poundsCHECK RPICE

1. Smart Tech interactive smart board with a projector for classroom

Smart Tech interactive smart board reviews

  • Dual touch capabilities
  • It can project 100″ images from just 12″ away
  • Projector has integrated speaker that generate sound
  • None

Are you going to play interactive games on the lesson or to make a compelling presentation in front of the public?  You will be delighted to discover these features in a whiteboard designed by Smart Tech.

Collaborative education is possible due to the projector with an ultra-short throw which is great for the classroom. You have the feasibility to share any lesson thanks to excellent wireless performance, impressive widescreen resolution and perfect connection of the network. Remotely monitoring makes the process simple and convenient.

You don’t have to strain your eyes at long last as 3LCD projector made by Epson offers bright colors three times more than other similar models. Such technical features as 2700 lumens and 475 W help you to provide vivacious lessons. Software called Moderator may be an excellent assistant at the time of your work with an exchange of a few students’ works. The synchronous monitoring process can be from different devices. Only 12 seconds are required for projecting of one hundred images. Just touch twice to control the whole process while you are teaching. The capability of double touch is provided with DViT technology. You are free to utilize all advantages of a smart interactive whiteboard in order to realize how the education might be cheerful and wholesome.


2. Astar electronic writing board

Astar electronic writing board reviews

  • Direct motherboard that can support up to 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Export JPG, PPT, PDF, and other files
  • HDMI input and HDMI cable are included
  • Does not include stand

Whiteboard manufactured by Astar can impress you and your colleagues or students LCD panel with 65 inches with 1920×1980 resolution. Such overwhelming high-grade quality of the picture gives a boost to the whole education process or presentation in front of an engaged audience on the meeting.

Touch screen whiteboard makes the holding of meetings, advertising campaigns, interactive lessons more vivacious and fascinating compared to the ordinary whiteboard. You are able to download any digital documents there like photos in JPG format or videos in MPG or AVI format and lessons or presentations in PDF or PPT format. To make the process of interaction more efficient, you may print all required materials and send them to e-mail.

This product can be used as a monitor with 1080p, computer or a projector.

Thanks to program ‘easy meeting’ your work is always prominent. It contains diverse, colorful graphics and background which is quite vital for memory retention. It is so simple to operate with your fingers on the built-in infrared touchscreen. Also, you are free to manage with a touch screen pen.

Astar is honored to represent whiteboard which might be an ideal assistant at the time of advertising campaign, business collaboration and interactive lessons. Please don’t hesitate to use it as a projector, monitor or computer with the 8th version of Windows.


3. Promethean computer whiteboard

Promethean computer whiteboard reviews

  • Ultra-short-throw
  • Available in 78”, 87” and 95” versions
  • Difficult to start working
  • Often not working, have to restart computer, unplug USB, also lose their sound a lot

You have the opportunity to create interactive lessons either offline or online using Promethean software. ClassFlow and ActivInspire software go along with ActivBoard Touch. Promethean offers racks braced on the wall or portable version with an ultra-short projector. The mounting system and mobile system are compatible with size 78. The company can suggest you multiple-user interactivity with ten simultaneous touch points along with two styluses.

One of the best smart boards is able to provide teachers and their students with 3-in-1 software, which ensures optimal review, multiplayer interaction, and dry erasure. You need to connect your PC to Active Board Touch in order to turn on the system. The system is ready for immediate work. Active Board Touch combines multi-touching, and award-winning software conduce genuinely interactive education. A broad selection of tools at an affordable price attracts those who like smart technology and are not afraid to broaden horizons.

Turn your room into an interactive environment with upgrade technology which will be a great assistant at the time of your education or games. Why don’t you to amalgamate two purposes together?


4. Westinghouse portable interactive whiteboard

Westinghouse portable interactive whiteboard

  • It allows for multiple presenters or students to write directly on the display at the same time
  • NO support service

Six points infrared touch system is a highlight of the whiteboard created by Westinghouse. Thanks to the work of this system, you have an opportunity to monitor interactively with dual touching to the screen. Only five milliseconds are required to dip you into the world of cozy classrooms or meetings including the vast audience.

High definition HD display with 55 inches is compatible with 7th or 8th versions of Windows. You are free to utilize your PC or purchase it additionally. Anti-reflecting coating on the screen creates a comfortable atmosphere.

This product has been discontinued by manufacturer. No warranty offered from Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Westinghouse Digital LLC or Westinghouse Electronics LLC

The simplicity and high functionality are the same as you are used to in your smartphone. At the same time, you are able to spread the information to the whole audience in conference meeting thanks to a projector with a clear vision. The software is integrated well to the PC for perfect performance with proper monitoring.

Wall-mounted whiteboard with smartboard technology can be quickly moved due to the rolling stand. Three years of warranty should convince you in high-grade service and proper work. I-5 processor and dual inputs for HDMI and VGA connections along with 4 GB of RAM and necessary software for whiteboard are acting as an interactive system with an overwhelming performance for any meeting, presentation of the lesson.


5. Global Dream infrared interactive whiteboards for business

Global Dream infrared interactive whiteboard reviews

  • Lower power consumption.
  • Low glare and electronic-free surface, surface damage won’t affect usage
  • Surface damage won’t affect usage
  • None

How to engage students in the education process is an eternal question for a lot of educators. The answer is dynamic IR smart boards for business with advanced technology. The simplicity of software processes, hardware reliability, and affordable costs might attract you to purchase it.

Let’s consider the foremost advantages of the interactive whiteboard manufactured by Global dream:

  • You have a possibility to provide conference calls or distance learning or interaction inside the classroom;
  • You are able to select the type of the pen, respective color and a width of the line;
  • Storage space is enough thanks to vector format of the image;
  • You possess an attractive set of versatile tools for a teacher like a timer, geometry figures, rulers and spotlight;
  • Such formats as JPEG, PPT or PDF are ready to be your assistants at time of the files’ export;
  • It is compatible with MAC and Windows Vista, XP and favorite 7th, 8th and 10th versions;
  • Set of diverse languages is incorporated there;
  • Annotations can be added directly to the Flow;
  • The system is able to recognize the touch of your finger or pen and follow it due to infrared technology;
  • Coated surface has a durable feature, and it is simple to tidy it;
  • Please look through pages distantly with a wireless interactive pen;
  • Power consumption is lower compared to other manufacturers.