If you are the pets addict or prefer to be professionally equipped at the time of the presentation, then you might require a laser pointer. It can be your loyal assistant while you are training with your beloved cat or you can point out anything on the side.

Welcome to rich in details best laser pointer review mentioned below, which collects valuable information for you. You will turn out pitfalls and selling points. Considering them, you are free to make the right call.

My list of The Best Laser Pointer 2019


Key Feature

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Laifoo interactive light pointer400mAh AAA batteries(2pcs) / USB cable / 5mW Output Power / 3 months guarantee
✅ Editor's choice

ERYHCFG Laser PointerThe laser output is far more than 5mw / Different Patterns /English manual
✅ Editor's choice

DDI LED flashlightsRed light pointer + flashlight / 4 light beams / The black light featureCHECK RPICE
Lavibest laser pointer2 positions: Red light pointer + white flashlight
Harmless / Battery: 1 * AA(R6) Battery
RIO Direct rechargeable cat toyRed light with 5 patterns / UV Detector for spot counterfeit money / No batteries required / About 1.5 hours - fully chargedCHECK RPICE
JJYPet сat сhaser toyTwo lighting modes: Red Dot, Led moon light / The red light can project over 100 feetCHECK RPICE
UVER green beam presenter penRegistered Brand / 6-in-1 Multi-function / Visible at daylightCHECK RPICE

1. Laifoo interactive light pointer


  • The pointer is so strong it hits the walls in other rooms
  • It is nicely made
  • The dot is much brighter than others
  • The dot was large enough to see from that far away
  • It does rattle a little when shaken lightly
  • The pointer emits a faint red glow About half the time

The laser pointer constructed by Laifoo is a bright and efficient aluminum pointer with the implemented microchip. The brass module has a high and durable performance.

Your cat will appreciate playing with you using the pointer no matter what part of the day is now – in the night or during the day. You can count on sufficient brightness of the pointer at any time you choose.

Durable service life is possible thanks to 2 pieces of AAA batteries with 400 mAh capacity. Also, a USB cable is available for the pointer charging

The indicator has two colors – blue and red. The first one indicates that the pointer is switched on and the second color shows that the pointer is charging.

The pointer designed by Laifoo is safe for the health of both of you. Coincidently, it is preferable to avoid lineal hazard for your eyes, particularly long time. Please note that effective power is not higher than five mW.

The excellent news is that the manufacturer is able to look after about all possible service issues, including substitution and compensation in full volume. You possess three months in order to be confident in the pointer’s quality. Anyhow, if you still have some troubles, postproduction quality service is waiting for your request.


2. ERYHCFG Laser Pointer



  • Very bright
  • You see the beam during the day
  • Comes with the star adapter on top of the single beam adapter
  • This is only a green led flashlight

The laser pen in green color manufactured by EPYHCFG is so bright hunting laser capable to emblaze the matches. It is achievable thanks to the effective power of more than five mW.

One of the numerous ways to exploit the laser pen might be the sky observing. What can be more romantic than exploring such astronomical objects as constellations? Coincidently, it is conceivable to explore the sky in public.

Moreover, a playful cat will appreciate versatile patterns visible while you are rotating the cap. The laser pen with tactile scope sight let you relax in your favorite armchair while the cat is chasing the light.

The set contains one laser in green color, one removable cap with various patterns, one 18650 battery, two keys, one charger. You can put the laser in a special gift box. English maintenance is at your disposal

You don’t have to worry about safety for your child anymore. The pointer switches off and switches on thanks to the rotation of the swift to the green point or the red one. Lithium battery (18650 rechargeable in included to the set) can give plenty of pleasant moments at gaming time.

Coincidently, it is preferable to avoid lineal hazard for your eyes, particularly long time. You possess thirty days in order to be confident in the pointer’s quality. In the case of non-satisfaction, you are always free to request a refund.


3. DDI LED flashlights


  • Great for a low price
  • The black light feature is a very fun addition
  • The flashlight was surprisingly bright
  • Perfect for multiple uses
  • Super as a pointer in the classroom
  • A night light keeps kitties entertained for hours
  • Not all four pieces worked
  • The battery chamber also tends to open without much provocation

The cost of all four laser pointers is a true bargain for you. Such batteries usually are sold much more expensive than the laser set designed by DDI.

The most beneficial exploitation of the pointer in red color is on conferences, on business events. The flashlight is not so strong, but it is enough for the identification of fake money as an example of sufficient performance.

You have to hold down the button, next to the front light, to keep the gleam switched on. It is intended for the laser beam in red color. Backside button along with the key fob is destined for two particular lights

Please look after your eyes avoiding the gleam’s direct impingement. If you desire to identify the fake banknotes, you are free to press the button once in order to turn on UV light direction. One more push lets you switch on the flashlight. Next step will switch it off.

Moreover, the manufacturer prepared an amusing extra highlight for you – a black light. The glistering and qualitative enough flashlight is able to award you cheerful moments. Please do not hesitate to perform the pointer either in a lecture room or indoor entertaining your fur friend.


4. Lavibest laser pointer


  • Uses a regular battery
  • It has a slightly larger, fuzzier red dot
  • Also doubles as a soft-lit normal LED flashlight
  • Perfect for looking for misplaced cat toys
  • The pointer is very bright
  • The unit is very lightweight
  • The slide switch allows you to use the pointer or flashlight without having to constantly hold down a button
  • The intensity of the laser pointer left a lot to be desired

Lavibest guarantees you plenty of variants of exploitation of their laser pointer:

  • – As a guide, while you are traveling or make a presentation on an exhibition
  • – At the time of games, including sniper one, or learning process with your beloved
  • – It is so simple to draw the attention of your local customers to the presentation with this pointer
  • – Assures a pet pleasure


The laser suggests you 2 available functions with 2 desirable colors: red and white. White color in position 2 is destined for pet games protecting their eyes from the harmful impact. The red color in position number 1 is intended for continuous chasing by your lovely pet, exceptionally at night time

In the case of outdoor activities, you will be astonished how the pointer is compact and convenient. Don’t forget to capture with you AA battery. The position of the battery is a side down. Please avoid strong sun rays while you are entertaining outdoors.

You can be fully confident in safety characteristics. Anyhow, please be careful with a direct light-headed on someone’s eye, exceptionally on children and pets. Postproduction quality service is available twenty-four seven. In the case of non-satisfaction, the producer ensures you the refund in the full services.


5. RIO Direct rechargeable cat toy


  • The pointer has a charger
  • The designs that can be switched by turning a dial
  • It can aim it at the ceiling while seated on the floor
  • No problems with it dimming or not charging
  • Excellent extras like USB charging, several pointer images, UV light & handy flashlight plus a nice case
  • The main smiley face feature is hard to see as well in a well-lit room

The cat chaser designed by RIO Direct can delight you with 5 versatile patterns. You can count on it as a UV detector for fake banknotes, an interactive chasing toy for pets, detection of any dirty spots inside. The white flashlight is for your disposal at daytime if it is required.

All five patterns are available in red color. They are upgraded and became more concise and pretty in design. When you switch on patterns between each other, it makes the chasing game more exciting and appealing.

The charger is the most valuable benefit in this laser. Such types of the charger as USB, mobile and car charger are compatible! A full charge is feasible after one and half hour. A week should be enough for ongoing amusement

One more benefit is its portability and 100% security. You are free to detach the laser with a steel clip and adjust it with a lanyard. Please avoid lighting up the eyes whoever it is. You possess a life span in order to make sure how excellent are the following three elements: education, amusement, and workout. Anyhow, you have a guarantee from the manufacturer about full compensation.


6. JJYPet сat сhaser toy


  • This laser pointer and velcroed on the laser tag gun
  • Laser projects pretty far
  • The light stays without holding the button down
  • There is a slide button which with one click forward shines the red laser
  • Two clicks shine a proper little flashlight
  • The laser is so dim that it is very hard to see even when its dusk

100 feet is not the bound distance for the laser tool constructed by M JJPet. The projection of the red light is long enough for games with your beloved pet not standing up from the sofa.

You can count on two modes of the projected light: a red one and led light in moon color. You require battery AA class to take the full pleasure from the chasing process. It is not included to the set; you have to purchase it additionally

German TUV certificate proved the high grade of the material. It means that red light of the pointer is entirely safe for your pet and you. So you are free of worries about the harmful impact on your health. The producer swears us by quality certificate come with the laser. Anyhow, please do not hesitate to request funds return if it is required.

There are some crucial reasons to purchase cat’s chaser designed by M JJPet:

  • – Your cat or dog will be delighted to set on a little, particularly when she has a lack of everyday motions.
  • – It attracts pet’s attention with its red color.
  • – The interactive laser lets you not produce any extra efforts to rejoice with your beloved



7. UVER green beam presenter pen


  • Diverse patterns
  • Normal size batteries
  • Can easily be seen in the daytime
  • This is MUCH brighter than others
  • Many different lenses
  • Works great and shines far
  • No

A presenter pen designed by UVER can propose you 6 diverse functional roles. You will be astonished by 5 green beam patterns which are switched one by one while you are mixing up line beam head caps.

The beam is bright and enough visibly even in the daytime. You are required AAA batteries which are not included to the set

Thanks to versatile functionality, you are free to take advantage of the laser as a presenter in the class, on the business meeting while you are presenting something. Children will appreciate the entertaining side of the pen in their amusing games.

Some cautions before the first performance are not redundant. They consider your careful manipulation with a laser beam. It shouldn’t contact with your eyes. It is preferable to store the presented in the dry zone of your apartment. Please supervise the light beam while you are entertaining with your children and pets.

UVER is a unique registered mark which guarantees a high grade of the materials. You possess three months in order to be proved in it. Please replace it if you feel non-satisfaction with this item. Anyhow, you always can rely on compensation in full services. Please do not hesitate to look through positive feedbacks from satisfied customers on Amazon.