The classic manual typewriters are reminiscent of those times when famous writers did their best literary works. If you are a typewriter addict, then you come by the right place.

I have collected a detailed overview of the most famous on the market, including such well-known company as Royal. Please follow the guide step by step to turn out pitfalls and selling points.

My list of The Best Manual Typewriters 2019


Key Feature

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Royal Epoch portable manual typewriter1_Royal-Epoch-Portable-Manual-Typewriter_100

The plastic material / Space Bar with Repeater Key / 1", 1 ", 2" line spacing / Margin tabs stop with release key
✅ Editor's choice


Royal 79120q manual typewriter2_Royal-79120q-Classic-Manual-Typewriter_100

Sturdy retro steel / Black and red ribbon / paper support bar / 11” maximum typing width / Full size keyboard / 1 year warranty
✅ Editor's choice


Royal 79101t mint-Green typewriter3_Royal-79101t-Classic-Manual-Typewriter_100

12" maximum paper width / 11” maximum typing width / Maintenance / 1 year warranty / Full size keyboardCHECK RPICE

Royal gray manual typewriter4_Royal-gray-manual-typewriter_100

lightweight ABS housing / Full size keyboard / 12.5" carriage and 11.6" maximum print widthCHECK RPICE

BNC classic typewriter5_BNC-Classic-Typewriter_100

Max Paper Length: 460mm / Max Type Speed: 460/min / not refurbished / Full size keyboardCHECK RPICE

Smith Corona typewriter6_Smith-Corona_100

Correction tape in 2-inch spools / 0,5-inch wide ribbon / 2 black replaceable keys / HeavyweightCHECK RPICE

Royal Scrittore-II typewriter7_Royal-Scrittore-II-Manual-Typewriter_100

9.4" carriage / 8.6" print width / 2 shift keys / Full size keyboardCHECK RPICE

1. Royal Epoch portable manual typewriter


  • It comes with extra tape
  • Fast shipment
  • Royal Epoch is a capable machine
  • Roller does not advance when the return lever is activated
  • Uneven key strikes, uneven spacing, and horizontal plane

If you are nostalgic about manual typewriting, then a Royal typewriter is perfect for it. Perhaps, you want to experience the extra effort required to push down the key and type. Anyhow, the whole process is rewarding.

The Royal Epoch typewriter makes a great gift to your beloved. The portability is one more bonus for those who always prefer to be on the move. You can count on the sturdy control lever. The release key is a wonderful assistant with margin tabs, and the space bar is built-in. Spacing lines have two measures: one and two inches. The lever will cooperate with you to release the paper and the carriage.

Please note that the correction ribbon is not available in this version. Regular copy paper should be enough for proper typing

If you require neater lettering and margin, please tighten the mechanism. The plastic material is functional and does its job satisfyingly. Please press the space bar a few times or push the auto button to the left of the space bar to pull the carriage left to go to the right margin.


2. Royal 79120q manual typewriter


  • It’s solid yet streamlined
  • Perfect for those seeking  authentic nostalgic charm
  • It is packaged extremely well with molded Styrofoam
  • The roller/platen works well, the paper goes in straight with the guide, and the carriage return (lever) works well
  • The margin guides work great
  • The tab set works very easily
  • The cost  is  high for this machine
  • The carriage return handle is flimsy and too easy to collapse

Do you prefer retro décor and a non-digital look for your typewriter? Then you have found the ideal option, which can be appreciated by someone new to manual typewriting. Royal can suggest you this wireless device with a genuine retro appearance.

A sturdy steel construction will delight you while you are typing your masterpiece! You can count on 11-inch carriage designed in black and red nylon ribbon. The ribbon, storage case, and maintenance guide are included in the set produced by Royal.

Please regularly remove dust from your typewriter if you desire it to continue to work well. It is recommended to tear it properly, away from sun rays and dust. You don’t have to use a lubricant each time you use it

The typewriter is in a vintage style that gives you the opportunity to feel the old fashioned spirit of the touching to the tappers. Your writing will become better with every typed character. Please be careful with the classic type of the machine in order not to bend it, or detach something with an undesirable key press.


3. Royal 79101t mint-Green typewriter


  • The manual is useful
  • None of the keys stuck while typing
  • All depressed well and struck the ribbon and platten properly.
  • The ribbons came well-inked – both red and black sections
  • The margin guides work great
  • High price compared to other machines
  • Each letter doesn’t always perfectly align in a word

The mint-green design of this typewriter manufactured by Royal will delight your eye. It can be a fascinating gift to a new writer. All you need is a paper and a passion for writing.

If you miss those times without digital technology and would like to enjoy the tactile quality of manual typing, then you will appreciate the benefits of this manual typewriting from Royal. This version of the Royal typewriter will pass the test of doing proper work. Please just don’t forget that it consists of hundreds of moving parts and everyone is crucial for sufficient quality.

It is highly recommended that you pay careful attention to keeping it free from dust. Dust adores living under the keys, so monthly efforts are required to get it away from the cracks in the keys.

The following characteristics are available for Royal typewriter in mint-green color:
  • 44 keys and 88 characters
  • Durable steel construction
  • Tabulator key
  • Margin stops
  • Space repeater
  • Width of 11 inches


4. Royal gray manual typewriter


  • Bilingual manual
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Unbreakable carriage case
  • It types unevenly
  • It leaves ink smudges on the paper
  • The carriage return arm slips out of position often

The classic style of Royal copywriter offers you bilingual maintenance with a firm, unbreakable bag for carriage in travels. The full-size keyboard makes your typing fast and complete.

You are free to type 88 symbols on nylon ribbon in black and red colors. The carriage is 12.5 inches in the width. Regarding the width for printing, it is 11.6 inches.

Please exploit the release key to stop margin tabs. Also, it is controlled with a carriage release lever. The ribbon color can be switched if required

Three options of spacing are available and variable in the following sizes: one, one and a half, two inches. The typewriter is completely manual. It composes a nostalgic typing process with a retro style. The grey part is produced of plastic. The interior is constructed of steel material as well the paper feeder.


5. BNC classic typewriter


  • A decorative attractive design
  • A high-quality functionality
  • A full-size keyboard
  • A wonderful studying tool
  • You are free to write short stories, to fill in applications, to make notes
  • None

BNC typewriter designed in a white classic style is an ideal alternative for those who are willing to write short stories, to fill in applications and for any educational tasks. It has a decorative attractive design with a high-quality functionality which may attract your precious attention.

A brand new typewriter produced in Vancouver, Canada can offer you a full-size keyboard, 460 mm of the paper length and 460/min of the typing speed as a maximum upper bound

International company BNC specializes in stationery supplies with 8 branches all over the world. It proves their care with a high grade of materials. BNC cooperates with educational and business units in North America.

You don’t have to focus whole attention only on computers, as a manual typewriter such as BNC classic is able to give you the love and care of writing on classic paper like in the good old days. A wonderful studying tool is for everyone.


6. Smith Corona typewriter


  • Ideal tool for businessmen and students
  • Heavyweight
  • Classic old-fashioned style
  • It is feature-packed
  • The manual is copyrighted 1976
  • It is missing the classic logo
  • Some keys get stuck as you’re typing

Old-fashioned typewriter in classic style generated by Smith Corona is an ideal tool for people who are used to have business trips or to study at university, college, school.

The first thing which you will notice is the weight of the typewriter – about thirty kilograms. It feels like a heavier option! Yes, it is quite heavy, but the producer doesn’t produce a lightweight, flimsy typewriter.

The typewriter exploits correction tape in 2-inch spools in black and white colors with 0,5-inch wide ribbon. Moreover, it does ding at the end of the line like the nostalgic typewriters with all of the old noises

If you type without consistent spacing the end of the line, it doesn’t have to be a huge concern. This desktop machine will return repeatedly at the end of the row. In the upper corner, it has two black replaceable keys. A visible ruler under the typing area is a wonderful benefit.

The tabulator is constructed at the same time as the space-bar key.  It runs along the top. It has buttons ‘SET’ and ‘CLEAR’ to either side of the TAB button. The space bar is bounded by such features as the ‘half-space’, intended for error-correction, with ‘power space’ intended for flying across the page.


7. Royal Scrittore-II typewriter

7_Royal Scrittore-II Manual_ReviewTypewriter_500

  • Pretty design
  • Contemporary look
  • A carriage shift with tilting carriage.
  • It did not type letters on the sides of the keyboard
  • Erratic line spacing

This classic manual typewriter is redolent of those times when Ernest Hemingway wrote his literary works. It brings back the mindful correspondence of old times. Unfortunately, you can’t exploit technological hints such as spell-check and deletion, but you are free to work with each of its 44 keys. Please enjoy the sturdy stroke of the keys for a solid rhythm encouraging the calm wordsmith.

Operating with a 10-characters-per-inch Pica 87 font, the typewriter truly reflects the printed impressions of its forebears in an eclectic way. An exceptional benefit is a carriage shift with tilting carriage

Diverse kerning and subtle letters with nuanced baseline shifts give an exclusive character to every letter. The outer appearance looks contemporary though it was patented 20 years ago. You can rely on the following features:

  • Silent carriage return
  • Tension adjuster
  • Tabulator with fixed tab stops
  • Power spacer