Best presentation remotes are able to present a magnificent and cozy atmosphere at your office. They are excellent assistants at the time of the presentation for your partners in a conference room. The vast range might astonish you while you are selecting the perfect fit for you.

You can look through the fascinating options of the contemporary presentation remotes in this article. I appeal to you not to wait anymore and to pick the most superior position for you.

My list of The Best Presentation Remote 2019


Key Feature

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Logitech wireless presenter R400AA batteries required / Bright red laser pointer / Up to 50-foot wireless range
✅ Editor's choice

BEBONCOOL presenter remoteA plug-and-play wireless receiver / 1 x AAA Battery Not Included / Control distance range of up to 39-foot
✅ Editor's choice

Kensington wireless presenterPlug and play simplicity / Compatible with PC and Mac / 65-Foot wireless range / bright red laser / Internal Receiver StorageCHECK RPICE
Logitech professional presenter R800Brilliant green laser / 2 AAA batteries / Up to 100-foot wireless range / LCD display with timer
Plug-and-play USB wireless receiver
ESYWEN wireless presenter remote39-foot wireless range / braght red light
ergonomic design / Compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.10 or later
Doosl presentation remote clickerGreen Laser Pointer / Metal Aluminum alloy body / Range Up to 100-330 Feet / 400mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Doosl rechargeable wireless presenterEquipped with a LCD display / up to 100 meters working range / 360-degree control and 2.4G RF frequency

1. Logitech wireless presenter R400


  • Good Battery Life after over 3 months
  • Red LED for pointing at slides is clear
  • Works for powerpoint and Prezi on both Apple and Windows
  • No software to download
  • Intuitive Control
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Small and easy to transport. Comes with a nice Travel case
  • No USB charging, only batteries
  • No ability to play Videos in PowerPoint
  • Any program you have that uses the left or right arrow keys, this remote does not work with it

In the ear of the technology, dull presentations have fallen off the edge of Earth. Wireless laser presenter designed by Logitech demonstrates an entertaining way of the presentation process. It grabs the precious attention of people listening to you. A dazzling laser beam is a wonderful assistant in this matter.
The exceptional news is the 50-feet wireless distance which permits you to be free in motions around the presentation room. You might turn it to impressed performance even in the case of boring sales report.
The following simple manipulations with the buttons allow you to feel like a Master:

  1. Forward and back buttons are destined for flicking through the slides.
  2. Laser pointer key highlights the main point of the view.
  3. Black screen button allows you to stop the presentation for a while and turn whole attention to your words.
  4. A right side is an ideal location for contoured keys.


Everything that you require is a reliable plug 2,4 GHz and the USB port. You don’t have to be an advanced programmer to be confident at the time of the presentation. Please insert AA batteries into the laser pointer. The best option is designed by Polaroid.


2. BEBONCOOL presenter remote


  • It works with Smart Notebook, PDFs, and Prezi
  • The escape/resume button refreshes a page which might be more useful if you are on a web page
  • Such a low-cost solution
  • The clicker still works from any location
  • It comes with a little bag to put the controller
  • It is not bulky and is easily transported
  • It is oddly shaped and the buttons are on the side of the presenter
  • The next or previous (right or left) buttons while in PPT, it ends the presentation

A wireless presenter from BEBENCOOL can gladden you with an ergonomic construction and environmental responsible plastic.

It is simple to switch on the device plugging it into the USB. The special light indicator will notify you about it with a flashlight. Please press and hold the button to turn on a red laser beam. The red color is ideally visible on any background. You are free to point out significant phrases or the pictures in the slides.

You can rotate within the presentation room quite freely thanks to possible wireless 39 feet distance. AAA batteries are required, but not included to the set

Such programs as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel from Microsoft and ACDSee files are included in the support program set. The following features are available for your convenient work:

  • – Black screen display
  • – Light pointer Fullscreen
  • – “Next” and “Previous” buttons
  • – Switch on and Switch off
  • – One-touch buttons

You possess a special bag for a carriage. The manufacturer declares 24 months as a guarantee period. The manual should be a wonderful assistant in case of abstrusity. Anyhow, you are always welcome to send any questions to the producer.


3. Kensington wireless presenter


  • It feels good in the hand and is intuitive to use
  • The signal can be picked from anywhere in a large room
  • It’s simple, ergonomic and doesn’t feel flimsy
  • it feels sturdy in your hand
  • The “black-out” button makes it essential for conferences and speeches
  • This remote is plug-and-play for both pc and Mac
  • The case and buttons have a rubberized coating, providing a good grip
  • Have to hit the button several times to advance the slide
  • The distance is no more than 25 feet away

Thanks to a decent wireless connection along with an instinctive manipulating, the remote presenter made by Kensington permits you to bring out everybody’s attention on the creation of sufficient presentation.

Two buttons might be wonderful assistants while you are switching the slides of Keynote (PowerPoint) presentation in forwarding and back directions. Two other buttons obscure the screen and turn on the red laser beam

The interference is not possible anymore due to merely paired wireless receiver. Any information in your presentation can be efficiently highlighted with a simple touch of a button with dazzling red color. You can feel safe about the fidelity of wireless connection as the feasible distance of the receiver’s power is 65 feet.

Please count on a convenient location of USB receiver’s storage in order not to waste it. 2.4GHz wireless connection suggests you dependable performance thanks to compact measures of the receiver. The comfort and the freedom of your motions during the presentation are assured to you.


4. Logitech professional presenter R800


  • It changes slides forward and back with no hassle
  • It is comfortable in the hand
  • It fits easily in your pants pocket
  • It is a highly visible pointer
  • Great grip
  • A thin net-looking protection sleeve
  • Well placed controls
  • This pointer is designed more for Windows
  • It doesn’t work with iOS 12
  • This product simply isn’t usable over Bluetooth

You will be able to catch everyone’s eye to your presentation with a dazzling green laser beam no matter you are at the moment – a huge conference hall in the hotel or a cozy room in the office. The light let you concentrate precious attention on a chart or a technical diagram thanks to pressing of the laser control button. It is highlighted properly on any kind of display.

A wonderful bonus is an LCD with a timer. You don’t have to look at the watches all the time. Launched timer permits you to adjust the entire duration for presentation. The presenter has quiet vibration with 5-minute caution in advance (2 minutes or 0 are also possible). Convenient option let you realize the time of wrapping up

Freedom of motions at time of the presentation is essential for its efficiency. That’s why a feasible distance of 100 feet is the undeniable advantage of the presenter R800 designed by Logitech. It means that you are a Master of the performance of the slide within these one hundred feet. A reception-level indicator gives you a hint before you will be out of this area.

Ergonomic buttons are particularly designed for simple navigation without having a look on them. 2.4 GHz receiver is trustworthy and easy to exploit. Just plug it into the USB port to be ready for performance without additional software installation. The carrying case is securing for convenient handling.  Be dare and confident with Logitech presenter at the time of your performance.


5. ESYWEN wireless presenter remote


  • Rechargeable is a great plus
  • It is easy to set up
  • Great value
  • It fits perfectly and comfortably in the hand
  • The page advance (forward and back) work flawlessly
  • It quickly connects to the PC
  • The red laser is sharp and is very helpful to point the slide
  • It kept skipping ahead by 10 or more slides

Wonderful for PowerPoint presentations, ESYWEN remote is highly visible on the most kinds of background. Crucial parts of your presentations will be highlighted properly with a red beam laser.
39 feet of available distance should be enough for a strong signal of the laser. It permits you to get around without a keyboard in the conference hall during your presentation.

The wireless presenter is compatible with such software as Windows 7, 8, 10 or as Mac OS 10.10 with later versions. It also supports programs like PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc. You don’t have to download any additional drivers. Please plug the USB dongle into a special port on your laptop or MAC

The manufacturer created the clicker ideally fitting to your palm. Touch-sensitive keys are excellent assistants while you are flicking through the slides. You don’t have to even look on them.
ESYWEN ensures you proper and life-long technical support. Three –year warranty is given you with a set including a presenter, a carry case and instruction manual.


6. Doosl presentation remote clicker


  • It’s comfortable to hold
  • The green laser is even visible on TV’s
  • The buttons are quite responsive
  • The USB attachment for this also magnetically stores inside the device
  • It synced perfectly with the laptop and projector
  • So simple and elegant
  • Some of the beams are scattered, resulting in other smaller spots when used
  • It doesn’t work with  newer Mac with a USB-C port

Doosl clicker shows up among other presenters with a steel Aluminum alloy framework and dazzling green light laser. Nickel plating steel along with keypad made of silicone gives you wonderful feeling of smooth touch. It is particularly comfy in your palm.

It has been expertly proven that green beam is much more glittering than the red one. It is highly visible even on screens.

You can count on 400mAh rechargeable battery and impressive distance range from 100 feet to 330 ones. You are free of worries about lost signal while you are performing your presentation

There is no additional time required to operate with a presenter. Function Plug and Play saves your precious time. One more bonus is Anti-Lost magnetic storage. The remote is able to operate on 2.4G RF frequency. Such functions as Support Enter support Pg up, Pg down, hyperlinks and black + fullscreen are available in the set.

The manufacturer ensures you a replacement of the presenter within almost one year (360 days) or full compensation within three months (90 days) in case of non-satisfaction or any disruption of the remote.


7. Doosl rechargeable wireless presenter


  • Reliable, robust and comfortable to hold
  • It makes a little easier to hold and operate
  • It shuts itself off when it senses you haven’t pressed a button for a while
  • The range is great
  • It’s rechargeable
  • The battery life is also a great
  • The additional screen which helps to keep on schedule
  • No apparent way to re-sync clicker with the receiver
  • The buttons are too close together
  • I could never get the countdown set to work

An LCD with a timer, watches and quite vibrating alerts function are useful tools that might be excellent assistants while you are performing. The USB receiver is hidden for further comfortable exploitation.

The presenter is wireless with 2.4G RF frequency. Auto frequency hopping technology efficiently wards off impediments from others. The range of coverage is 360 degrees. This option along with 100-feet feasible distance let you feel free in your motions around the presentation

The manufacturer has reasoned out diverse design functions assisting you at the time of the presentation. As an example, there are the following buttons: page up, page down, Full and Black Screen, Countdown, Clock Setting. Please press the button the Full Screen once and long press of Full-Screen button activates Black Screen if it is required.

A 300mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery is launched. A charge is available via a USB cable or wall charger any time. The presenter constructed by Doosl is compatible with various range of operating systems such as Windows, versions 7,8, 10, Vista or Mac OS, Linux. PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi software work successfully with the remote. USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 port is included to the set.