If you started to wonder how to run a printing machine small business, whether it can be t-shirts or other hard materials, then I have overwhelming news for you.

I have collected five best screen printing machines on the market right now. The below review involves vital features like color stations, the value for money and satisfied feedbacks on Amazon. So I appeal to you not to hesitate anymore and select the most desirable position for you.

My List of Best screen printing machine 2019


Key Feature

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VEVOR 9 in 1 screen printing machine21 x 20 x 19.5 inches / Max Screen thickness: 2" inches / 1 Station / 4 Colors
✅ Editor's choice

VEVOR silk small screen printing machine32 x 7.9 x 75 inches / 4 colors / 2 stationsCHECK RPICE
Maxwolf  personal screen printing machine32 x 7.9 x 55 inches / 4 Colors / 1 Station
✅ Editor's choice

SHZOND Shirt stamp machine21.7 x17.7 inches / 4 Color / 1 StationCHECK RPICE
Intbuying t-shirt screening machine17.7 x 21.7 inches / 1 Color / 1 StationCHECK RPICE

1. VEVOR 9 in 1 screen printing machine for shirts

VEVOR 9 in 1 screen printing machine reviews

  • Space saving & easy transportation
  • Wide applications
  • It is difficult to put it together using instruction.

Nowadays there are so many opportunities to transfer color world of different letters or photos, so 9-in-1 digital heat press from Vevor merit our consideration comparing to other competitors on the market.

The power of reproduction of printing ink onto glass, fabric or ceramics is able thanks to 15×12-inch coated Teflon platen with heating coils. Please check machine’s suitability for any material requiring proper heat treatment, for instance, T-shirts. If you desire to put off the heating element, you are free to utilize the function of the rotation on 360 degrees. The best and natural results are achievable from a rotating platform rather than a stationary one.

Talking about the design, you can enjoy the digital screen showing timer until 999 seconds. The handle can be opened and closed manually. You are able to adjust it with the accurate pressure knob according to your requirements. This feature appends additional safety and more convenience, so a chance of accidental error comes to nothing. The alarm with intelligent features is ready to be your loyal assistant when the transfer has been finished. Let me provide you with the technicalities. The Vevor 9-in-1 heat press has a wattage of 1400-watt. Also, the temperature range can be varied from 32F (or 0C) up to 430 F (or 250C).

The machine is worth your precious noticing due to good reputation on the market and actual feedbacks from the clients who are satisfied with high-grade materials.


2. VEVOR silk small screen printing machine for small business

VEVOR silk small screen printing machine reviews

  • All-metal construction
  • Advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy Adjusting System
  • None

This version of a print machine designed by Vevor is an ideal option for a single color print of many images on t-shirts. It is possible due to a pallet with a removable option and four color screen press. The pallet has an adjustable mode to make printing of one more image if it is required. Left and right directions with up and down variants can be proposed to you as a regulation of the pallet.

An undeniable advantage is in transportation convenience. Thanks to compact measures, you are able to dispose of the machine on limited space. Because of electrodeposition on steel construction, you can count on the durability of the whole assembly. You possess everything to install and to operate with the high-quality t-shirt printing machine.

Polished design with steel resisted to the rust is mainly created for simple tidying up process. The range of utilization can impress you with its variety. Such materials as steel, paper, plastic, glass are waiting for the application of them.


3. Maxwolf  personal screen printing machine

Maxwolf personal screen printing machine reviews

  • Table type and combinatorial design save space and convenient for transportation
  • Easy Adjusting System
  • Does not include screens
  • All the stations are not the same, some are more level than others

Press printer created by Maxwolf is intended for many purposes of material’s utilization such as paper cards, glass mugs, wooden frames, ceramic vases, and leather or cotton clothes.

You are able to install simultaneously four screen plates if it is required. Simultaneous printing is capable thanks to an adjustable pallet which can be rotated to a suitable position like a forward or backward. Everything you need is to append the substrate from time to time, put the screen in the desired position and apply the required image one by one for printing.

The whole process is quite simple. The efficient result is possible due to the independent rotation of platen layer. Each detail is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. Along with electrostatic spraying, it will carry water for a good while.

Table type of the printing machine is an ideal option for carrying. Essential tools are ready to assist you in the installation process. Customers who purchased this press confirmed that the printing process is able to last within four hours without a break. It is an overwhelming option for those who have just run their small business with t-shirt printing.


4. SHZOND Shirt stamp machine

SHZOND Shirt stamp machine reviews

  • DVD with instructions is included
  • Screen clamp can be moved up and dow
  • The assembly instructions for this item were very limited

Shzon has created its printing press intentionally for T-shirt making process. The pallet is constructed accurately and convenient for printing of other materials like any fabric or steel, wood or copybook. All these substrates are ideally suitable for the scope of a single proprietor firm for instance.

This budget-friendly set up possesses screen clamp which is movable from up to down. If the thickness of the screen frame is 1.8 inches, such screen clamp may be an excellent option. The whole construction is designed in such a manner that spring devices can adjust the screen up and down, which makes the process simple for you according to measures of the screen. It ensures efficient intensity of the spring which allows avoiding of undesired ink splashing. High intensity might be the reason for screen unfastening along of screen frames’ overweight.

Before first image’s applying, please ensure that the screen in adjustable in a proper manner. The pallet is extensible. Due to this feature, you are able to print a few pictures simultaneously. Printing of another image is possible if you put the pallet in the proper position. Just select the direction of the movement for the regulation of the flexible pallet. Simple instructions on the DVD make the assembly process comfortable.


5. Intbuying t-shirt screening machine from Screen Printing Equipment

Intbuying t shirt screening machine reviews

  • Easy operation
  • Adjustable angle
  • Most expensive

If you are looking for something compact, simple in utilization and satisfy your personal needs, then it is an excellent variant to look closer at print press manufactured by Screen Printing Equipment. Easy in daily operations one color printing machine is ideally suitable for T-shirts as a start-up. Needless to say, you can count on the success of printing hobby aside from t-shirts, another fabric or such hard materials as steel and plastic, ceramics or glass. Please try to print on a pillow or cotton bag at home first and foremost to be convinced in the simplicity of the whole process.

Bracket is not included

You are free to shift the pallet taking into account the substrate inside in case of a desire to utilize versatile options of the printing. Let’s consider some technical features. The screen frame is able to be lifted at an angle of 45 degrees included. It should be lifted up and hooked to manage with a handgrip. The handgrip can be shifted with 14 centimeters horizontally. Screen frame clamp has an adjustable mode, and it has 2 cm of thickness. The height is regulated easily thanks to the metal pad under it.